To have great style you need to look at all aspects of yourself.  I call them my 4 foundations of style.

*Body Shape & Proportion
*Style Personality
*Color Analysis
*Outfit Curations

The BIGGEST secret to great style is knowing yourself.


Wait, I am going to teach you? Yes, I am!

Friend, I see you!  I was that way too.  
Then I learned the HOW of styling and it changed my life.  I am here to help you learn the HOW so you can change your life too.

Are you frustrated by a closet full of clothes & nothing to wear?

Truth Talk

Girl, figuring out your style on your own can be HARD.

  • How do I even figure out how to put outfits together?
  • Am I trying too hard to make these clothes work?
  • When will I know it's time to try something new?
  • Why is my mindset negative when it comes to my style?
  • How do I even figure out how to pick out pieces now that I am older?
  • Am I trying too hard to keep my old style?
  • When will I know it's time to donate these old pieces?

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

Does this sound like you?

Knowing what to wear as our lifestyle changes is tricky!  So many thoughts run through our mind.
We have things we like, but are they right for us?
Do they fit me?
Will I look like I am wearing my teenage daughters clothes? 
All these things give us information overload and decision fatigue so we grab the same thing over and over again, OR we don't do the thing because we have nothing to wear.

I know how frustrating this is because I’ve been there, too.

Your all access pass to your  style

And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on... 
Style Redefined

drumroll please

This is it!  This is the thing that will make your mornings less stressful and your closet feel like a boutique.  We will use the pieces in your closet to create outfits that are perfect for YOU!

Outfit curation

I will create shopboards and links for you to easily find the perfect pieces to fill the gaps you may have.
* Join the Style Revolution to get shopboards monthly!

Know exactly what you need

Once you know your body shape, how to address proportion and your style personality, a closet edit will clear away the clutter, find hidden gems and start your journey to easy dressing.

Closet Edit

Understanding why you like the things you do and how to make it work together with your body shape is essential. Once you know your style personality, your style will be in perfect harmony.

Learn your style personality

Creating proportion in dressing is crucial because it helps to visually balance your body shape, enhancing your overall appearance. This is truly one of the "secret sauces" of style

Create proportion

Understanding your body shape is essential for dressing with confidence and style. By knowing your body shape, you'll gain insights into how different clothing items fit and flatter you. 

Understand your Body Shape

Effortlessly Create a Wardrobe You Love

the offer designed to


Transform your wardrobe and boost your confidence with my 4-step process

1. Discover Your Body Shape and Style Personality: 
2. Closet Edit: Clear out the clutter and determine what to keep, toss, or donate during a 3-hour closet edit.
3. Shopping: Get a personalized shopping list with a link that outlines exactly what to buy. I'm here to help if you have any questions.
4. Let's Style Your Outfits: Mix and match your new purchases with your existing wardrobe using a personalized digital closet. 

($997 Value)

Style redefined

What's Inside Style Redefined?

The secret to Style Redefined is the 4 foundations.  You can do them individually but you will be missing key components. Let's chat about if we can make that work. Contact me to figure this out!

What if i only want a few of the steps?


Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, it is up to you, your desire to get styled and scheduling.  I typically have this service complete in 2-4 weeks.

How long does this take?

No! That is the great thing about this. Nothing will save you time and money more than knowledge!  We will shop your closet first and then fill in the gaps at a pace that works for you.

Will i have to buy all new clothes?

For the best results I recommend the Style Revolution Style Club. This will keep you moving forward and not slip into old habits.  Plus, it's so much fun!

What happens after we are done?

  • Exclusive service that helps you learn your face shape
  • Detailed information about how to pick the perfect accessories, sunglasses, earrings, necklines and more
  • You will get a detailed description of your faceshape and what
  • Helps with makeup application- makeup suggestions included.

Bonus #2 Let's learn about face Shape

  • Learn tips and tips to pack with ease whether a weekend getaway or a month long vacation
  • Exclusive guides to help you pack
  • Step by step guide to creating a wrinkle free suitcase
  • My favorite pieces

Bonus #1 Creating a travel capsule webinar

In Addition to Style Redefined, You'll Also Get... Receive...




How Much is this?

Go From just dressed to Styled

*for a limited time only

xo, Jenn

In the last 12 months, I have created successful wardrobes and transformations for so many women , and I want to help you do the very same.

Here’s why this is so important to me...